For many hunters, especially the traditionalists, true black powder is really the only thing they’ll consider using in a muzzleloader.

Produced by blending sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal, shooters and hunters have successfully used black powder for centuries.

Of all the propellants safe to use in muzzleloaders, black powder is also the easiest to ignite, which makes it the most popular propellant used in flintlock and caplock muzzleloaders.

Unfortunately, black powder is dirty, inefficient, and corrosive. Ever wonder why black powder produces so much smoke when ignited? It’s because only approximately 50% of the black powder you load actually burns, the rest gets blown out the muzzle as smoke or left in the barrel as residue.

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Since so little of the powder actually burns, it does not produce nearly as much energy for a given amount of propellant as smokeless powder or some of the more modern black powder substitutes.

Black powder is also classified as an explosive and can be incredibly dangerous when handled improperly. For this reason, the government imposes strict regulations on the transportation and storage of black powder.

This can make it difficult to find commercially because few retailers are willing to deal with the safety requirements associated with stocking it.

Goex and Swiss Black Powder are the two most popular brands of black powder currently available on the market.

Both brands have very good reputations in the muzzleloading community. Of the two, Goex is typically easier to find in the United States, but Swiss Black Power is commonly regarded as a slightly better propellant and is also easier to find overseas.

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Black powder is produced in several different grades of increasing grain size (coarseness): FFFFg, FFFg FFg, and Fg. Smaller grain size powder is easier to ignite and burns faster. FFFg and FFg are the two most common grades in use today.

Generally speaking, FFFg powder is best suited for muzzleloading rifles and pistols smaller than .45 caliber. FFg powder generally works best in muzzleloading rifles and shotguns .45 caliber and larger. FFFFg is most commonly used to prime flintlocks. Fg powder is typically used in muzzleloaders larger than .62 caliber

Due to the previously described disadvantages of black powder, many hunters prefer to use some sort of black powder substitute instead.

Since black powder substitutes are typically classified as smokeless propellents (instead of explosives), they are not subject to the same stringent rules and regulations regarding their transportation or storage as black powder. For this reason, they are also easier to find commercially than true black powder.

On the plus side, generally speaking, black powder substitutes are also less dirty and slightly more powerful than black powder. Some of the black powder substitutes are also available in pellet form,

which really speeds up the loading process. On the other hand, they are more difficult to ignite than black powder.

Hunters using 209 primers should have few ignition problems, but those using musket or #11 caps may experience hangfires or misfires with some of the black powder substitutes out there.

One note of caution when dealing with powder substitutes though: virtually every black powder substitute is less dense than black powder (the exact amount varies depending on the brand), which means it is essential that you measure it by volume not by mass when loading your muzzleloader. Otherwise, you could end up loading your muzzleloader with a dangerous amount of propellent.

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