The Standard capacity AK magazine is a thirty rounder.

These thirty round AK magazines are a sweet spot lengthwise. Admittedly the distinctive curve of these magazines gives them a legendary profile.

The magazine is instantly recognizable, but they aren’t the only capacity out there.

We have extended magazines in the 40-round bracket, which are often declared to be RPK magazines. We also have drums in the 70 plus round of capacity.



We, of course, also have 5, 10, and 20 rounders. This helps meet state requirements for mag sizes of all kinds. For example, in Florida, we can hunt with semi-auto as long as they have five rounds or less.

Twenty rounders occupy an awesome space size-wise.

They are perfect for AK pistol designs and make my Draco Pistol look a little more reasonable. They also make guns easier to store and allow you to get into a low prone position.

AK magazines are produced en-masse in both steel and polymer types. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Steel is the traditional option, but polymer has become a bit more popular over time.

Polymer is lighter than steel by a considerable degree. The polymer can also be easily textured, and there is more flexible for different designs than steel. The polymer also gives you a cheaper magazine base, especially for American produced magazines.

Of course, there are no rust issues with polymer magazines.


Steel is ultimately much stronger. There are no worries about feed lips breaking when dropped, especially when loaded. Most AK steel magazines are brutally well built and will last as long as you don’t let them rust to pieces.

Steel is also much more substantial, and six fully loaded steel mags are quite the heavy load for 30 round mags.

There also exist a few blends of both steel and polymer, and we are including two of those brilliant designs on this list.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite AK magazines to deliver you a rundown of AK magazines from cheap to pricey, from American made to classic Eastern European designs.

We got em all.

While the AK-47 was created and extensively used by countries that loved Communism or were rather forced to love it, American Capitalism can’t be stopped.


We not only design and build AKs in the states, but we have an extensive aftermarket for the AK. While some of the parts and ‘‘upgrade’’ are somewhat questionable, we have companies like Magpul doing god’s work.

Better yet, they also created a series of magazines for the AK series rifles.

Magpul isn’t the only creator of AK parts and accessories. Most of us can remember a company called Tapco, that was popular for embracing the AK platform quite early.

They also produced a series of polymer magazines in various configurations.


Lastly, we have ProMag. ProMag is a budget-based company that mostly makes magazines but also produces some stocks and parts under their other brands.

Of course, they also make Polymer AK magazines.

Buying American magazines can give you three compliance parts for following that pesky 922(r).

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Arsenal Ak Magazine Black 7.62 X 39 30Rds

Arsenal, Inc. Mag M-47W Polymer 762X39 30Rd Black AK M47W

Arsenal Magazine AK 556X45 BULGARIAN 30rd

Arsenal, Inc. Mag M-74N Polymer 556NATO 30Rd Black AK M74N

Magpul Pmag 30 Ak Moe Black 5.45 X 39 30Rds

Magpul Industries, Magazine, PMAG, AK MOE, 5.45X39, 30Rd, Fits AK-74, Black Finish PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: UPC Code: 840815109662 Manufacturer: Magpul Industries

Pro Mag Industries AK Magazine 7.62 X 39 30-Rounds

The ProMag AK magazine will hold up to 30 rounds of 7.62x39mm in a steel body. It is compatible with AK style firearms and converted Saiga rifles. Extend your range time today for the best price online from us!

Pro Mag Industries Ak Magazine Black 7.62 X 39 30Rds

ProMag Magazine, 762x39, 30Rd, Fits AK-47, Black Polymer AK-A1

Pro Mag Industries Ak Magazine Coyote Brown 7.62 X 39 30Rds

Pro Mag Magazine%u200B AK-47 7.62X39 (30) RD COYOBR. Description: Model: AK-47 Caliber: 7.62x39mm Capacity: 30-Round Magazine Color/Material: Coyote Brown, Polymer

Pro Mag Industries Ak-74 Magazine Black 5.45 X 39 40Rds

ProMag Magazine, 545X39, 40Rd, Fits AK-47, Black Polymer AK-A18

Pro Mag Industries AK47 223REM 30rd Polymer BL

ProMag Magazine, 223 Rem, 30Rd, Fits AK-47, Black Polymer AK-A5

Pro Mag Industries Aka 19 Magazine Black 7.62 X 39 40Rds

ProMag AKA19 AK-47 7.62X39 40 rd Poly Black Finish This magazine is designed for the AK-47 rifle. The magazine body